Tagline Toss Up: Movie Trivia


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"May the best hitman win... Where is this from?"

  • Three game modes
  • Good taglines and possible answers
  • Fun

Choose the best game mode and answer the questions correctly

Tagline Toss Up: Movie Trivia is a game for movie fans that's about guessing the correct movie by reading its tagline... pretty challenging, right?

You can choose the game mode: Arcade, which includes a fast-paced set number of rounds, Survival, where you need to see how long you can last, as one incorrect questions makes the game end and finally Casual, where there is no competition and you can just relax and have fun. You can also choose the number of rounds and for playing, tap the correct movie within the 20 seconds that are given to you.

Sarcastic Brain Studios is the developer of Tagline Toss Up: Movie Trivia, a fun game with challenging questions that will be a pleasure for movieholics that want to prove their knowledge and compete with others like them. The graphics are good and the app is responsive so we think this is a great choice and a fun entertainment for everyone.

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