Talisman Prologue HD

Talisman Prologue HD

10,000 - 50,000 downloads

  • Talisman essence (4th edition, though)
  • Near everlasting replayability
  • No lite or trial version
  • No multiplayer (expected on Q2 2013, though)
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"Back to where we learned what a vorpal sword meant"

Reviewed by / Mar 17, 2014

The mighty board game on Android

Spit on your Heroquest. Old school roleplayers know that Heroquest was a late product, fruit of marketing decisions. The original board game for dungeon crawlers was Talisman, a name so much time forgotten and that raises back now on your device. For those of you who don't know what Talisman is (or was), let's keep this clear: it was the most D&D-esque board game. In fact, it was a little bit too much flipped out, and things get quickly out of hand when you add the four expansion corners and was played by four experienced players. In hindsight, game balance wasn't as in vogue as it pretends to be nowadays. Some will tell that modern games such as Munchkin inherit mainly from Talisman, and I won't disagree (when a Munchkin mobile game?)

Aside of the vast amount of quests and stuff (they won't ever be enough, we want more of everything), game's fun on its own. As cards are randomly drawn, it's improbable that two different games look alike. In addition, the basics are carefully explained, so fret not if you aren't a Talisman player or were one too much time ago. In the end, it's all about roaming a board, kill monsters and advance levels, as if it were a parcheesi on steroids.

Thumbstar games hasn't a name in lite gaming, so don't look for a free version. If the board game was unaffordable with your weekly pay when you were a kid, you have to poke your pockets and gather $5 to play it on-screen now. Of course, you can also run to the toy shop and spend $40 for the board game (more than $100 including expansions, let's hope this expansions are included in the mobile game sooner than later too)

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Developer's original description available here
The prologue to Games Workshop's (creator of Warhammer) seminal fantasy adventure board game is now available!

5/5 - Modojo

8/10 - IGN

"Pretty damn fantastic" - Pocket Tactics

9/10 - Paste magazine

"Game of the Week" - Pocket Gamer

4/5 - Appszoom.com

App Amped
"Fully recommend this game to board game fans all over the world!"

Modojo -
"The simple fact is, Talisman Prologue might be one of the finest examples of getting exactly what you pay for"

Android Shock -
"Talisman: Prologue is a fine port of the original classic board game"

Boardgamegeek.com -
4/5 An excellent nostalgic romp

Modojo -
"Excellent though the gameplay and presentation of Talisman Prologue is, the most remarkable thing about the game is how accessible it is to players of all levels of experience."

Hardcore Droid -
"This is a fantastic title that managed to pull off the rare feat of working exactly as advertised." - 4.25/5

SmokinApps -
"Talisman Prologue HD is a truly enjoyable mobile game that takes the classic Talisman board game and breathes new breath into the fantasy board gamegenre. It is easy to pick-up and play, and you’ll definitely find yourself spending hours of your time with your head in your phone or tablet. At only $4.99, it is well worth it for the amount of time you’ll be playing the game."


30 years young, the prologue to the seminal Games Workshop's (creator of Warhammer) fantasy adventure board game now available

The legend begins with a single-player series of adventures designed to invite both veterans and newcomers to explore the land of Talisman. While multiplayer gameplay will be available in upcoming expansions, Talisman Prologue focuses on creating narrative depth through its single-player campaigns. The story unfolds as the player rolls dice to move around the outer, middle, and inner regions of the board. Each space will require the player to draw a card or resolve a special effect, leading your hero to encounter monsters, discover friendly followers, and gather treasure.

A fantastic quest in a world of magic and monsters!


• Based on the Talisman board game | true to the original
• Classic board gaming on the move | fun brief sessions anytime, anywhere
• Single player play* | explore the land of Talisman
• 10 classic board game characters | experience Talisman coming to life
• 50 quests to play through | hours of gameplay to enjoy
• Original soundtrack | enjoy the sounds of Talisman
*Multiplayer game is scheduled for release Autumn 2013


If you face any technical issue with the game and/or device please contact us.

This will enable us to fix and update the game, making it better for all.

Email us for support here at support@thumbstar.com


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Website www.thumbstar.com
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Recently changed in this version

Here it is - our first major content update and this comes free Talisman fans !

Six new characters added! You can now play as the Amazon, Sage, Minotaur, Leprechaun, Sprite and Vampire Hunter. Each character can be used in a Magical Quest.

- All characters and quests have been unlocked so you can enjoy the new characters straight away.

- Various stability fixes.

Enjoy the new characters and quests and please remember to re-review the game if you can, thanks !

Thumbstar and Nomad

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Comments and ratings for Talisman Prologue HD
  • (69)

    by Chase Dahl on 12/06/2014

    It's odd that Talisman was introduced on mobiles as a solo game. Without other players to provide interesting decisions, this game boils down to die rolls and no-brainer "decisions". Technically competent and easy to play, just kind of pointless. At least another star when AI or live multiplayer shows up. Edit (June 2014): AI or MP not likely for this version since the "full" Talisman was releas

  • (69)

    by ben qureshi on 12/06/2014

    I love it. Huge fan of the board game... As everyone is saying though.... Multiplayer!!! 5 Stars anyway for making it exist at all, well worth it. :)

  • (69)

    by Michael Neese on 06/06/2014

    Multi player was promised before this game ever hit the Play Store. IT HAS NEVER COME! Oh, and how about a SAVE GAME button. Seriously, how many complaints about this have to show up before it happens?

  • (69)

    by Alex Adelle on 04/06/2014

    not as great as I want it to be. The game they have available on steam allows for multiplayer games, character expansion packs, community building events, and basically the support I would love the mobile version to have. 4 stars because they did a good job and it's a significantly well made single player game. I'll give it a 4th when I can play it with my friends.

  • (69)

    by Colm McFadden on 03/06/2014

    Very cleverly designed for a one player experience, and games last ages just like the orignal board game. Very faithful adaption, looking forward to seeing the full version on Android if it ever appears. Hope Thumbstar convert some other GW titles to digitial. They've done a great job.

  • (69)

    by richard evans on 28/05/2014

    Please put a save button In this game

  • (69)

    by Keven McCuller on 13/05/2014

    Game may be great...don't know...text is unreadable and board is too small on my LG 8.3 tab. Game is fine on a full size iPad.