Tesseric is the first true 4D arcade/puzzle game that is sure to challenge even the most skilled of gamers. The game gives you the ability to wield the power of a real 4-dimensional tesseract to destroy any Orbs that dare stand in your way. If you like arcade or puzzle games - you’ll love Tesseric.

    It has long been our dream to create a game with real, 4-dimensional objects that stay true to physics and geometry, and after many trials we believe we’ve created something truly unique with Tesseric. Not only is it fun to play, quick to learn and addictive, but it gives you a first glimpse into the crazy world of 4D hypercubes and how they would interact within a 3-dimensional world. Tesseric puts the 4th dimension into the palm of your hand!

    With Tesseric, in order to get your name into our public high score chart you’ll need to not only challenge other players, but challenge yourself. You’ll have to test yourself with our unique “Go For The Record” mode: set your own points target, beat the game, and hit your target - only then will your name be added to our player chart. If you miss your goal - you’ll have to try again. Start practicing!

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