Thai Checkers



A popular recess game that everyone in Thailand knows how to play it. An alternative to the classic traditional checkers that has slightly different rules but the game has more sophisticated gameplay and more deep of thought but not too hard.

Let's play, you may like it.

-Change Difficulty to AI play in mode 1 offense, 2 in between Offense & Defense, 3 Defense.

Adding Replay Feature When game finished. You can click
at Play Button on the bottom of screen to view what is
going on in between game.
Of course, you can pause the replay and do step
forward/backward to view replay step by step.
between replay is running you can't start new game or
touch view last move button except you pause the replay, then you can start new game again or view last move

with new Drag&Drop features, When having multiple captures in a row, player can drag moving piece to over empty a diagonal adjacent space beyond captured piece and hover it for 1/3 second! then game will do capture piece for you automatically. This way. It will help you drag moving piece to capture by no need to raise your finger! off the screen good for multiple captures in a row.

version history
v1.1 can set difficulty
v1.2 Add reverse piece for Red Player Turn, if choose yes. When Red Turn, game will reverse Red pieces to bottom Row so Red Player don't need to turn device upside down to play on Red side.
v1.3 Add Column Name & Row#, you can hide Column Name & Row# by setting at menu button,
v1.33 Player can choose 1 Player Color, 1 Player can let computer to walk first and for 2 Player can choose who Start First from menu in 1st Screen
v1.39 can play again after game end. Winner starts first.
v1.4 minor bug fixed
v1.42 fixed rarely happens bug.
v1.59 add animation when player/computer moves and user can view opponent'last move
v1.66 smoother animation when play with AI
v1.69 fix some animation artifact bugs
v1.72 fix bugs
v1.76 Add Drag&Drop feature for moving piece, now player can do either drag & drop a piece to move or can do old fashion move style by tapping on a piece to select and tap at legal empty square again to move a piece.
v1.8 Adding Replay Feature When game finished.
v1.84 fix replay bug displays piece not correct when turn screen off and on
v1.85 fix bug drag&drop that some time you can't drop piece to legal empty space.
v1.89.7 fix bug click home button and click back to game again screen disappeared.
-Change Difficulty to AI play in mode 1 offense, 2 in between Offense & Defense, 3 Defense.
-Battery drain solved while game still active but turn off the screen
v1.89.13 fix bug, drag upper left using too far(2 blocks) to see a piece follow to a finger. By reducing to drag dstance to 1 block to move a piece. making it same as other drag direction

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