Thanksgiving Games Puzzle Plus



Celebrate all the fun of Thanksgiving and let your little turkeys ages 2 to 8 have a gobble gobble blast playing with a match game, Thanksgiving puzzles, a fun cam, and a real turkey sound!

Download the free Thanksgiving Match Games and Sounds Activity App and strut into an enchanting world of turkey, autumn, and fun with:
Thanksgiving Puzzles- Cute and entertaining pictures will delight children ages 2 to 7.
Autumn Memory Game- rich, fun and full of flavor of the season for ages 18 months and up.
Fun Cam- Take a picture as a turkey and a pilgrim with this fun easy to use feature!
Turkey Sound- Hear a real gobble gobble and see a turkey dance- fun for all ages.

Dive into fall fun with a Thanksgiving matching game. Here they’ll find all the delights of the holiday and the game will also promote:
-Recognition and memory skills
-Fine Motor Skills
How To Play
Tap the flip card and it will flip to show the other side- a cute and fun Thanksgiving icon. When two matching Thanksgiving icons are found they will stay flipped up so your little one is encouraged to finish, and when the game is completed it will automatically reshuffle and start brand new.

Also included are gobble gobble fun Thanksgiving puzzles that are very engaging and encourage:
-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
How To Play
To play select the picture and when it enlarges tap “Randomize” and the puzzle will magically appear. And if your little bird doesn’t like the look of that one, just press Randomize again to shake it up differently.
Another child friendly feature is an option to view the picture of the puzzle at any time, so if they need help it’s there!
*A fun way to let your little turkeys under the age of 2 to play is to simply let them tap randomize, slide a few pieces and then tap the back button. This is a simple way to introduce them to using an app, develop fine motor skills, and it’s very entertaining for them to see the puzzles scramble.

Design Team: Nancy, Deborah, & Wayne.

Have the most delightful Thanksgiving ever and let your child learn have fun learning through play with with a Play n' Learn App!