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That Letter Game is a fun word puzzle game for all ages. It's a word game that is easy to play, but hard to master with a mix of fun and relaxing

Letter blocks drop and you decide where they go. Then you can make words by touching the first letter and then slide the word you want to make, lifting your finger on the last letter. It really is that simple!

You can make the words in all directions and with all sorts of bends: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

When you have a valid word the blocks turn green, when selecting an invalid word they turn red.

The darker the color of the block, the more points you can score. Try to make a highscore and beat yourself!

That Letter Game can also be used by kids to practice their reading/writing skills.

Please be careful, we have been told that That Letter Game is a very addictive word game!


* Touch and hold on the first letter of the word you want to make.
* Move to each next letter of the word (left, right, up, down or diagonal).
* On the last letter release.

Note: When the selected word is valid it will be colored green, otherwise it is colored red.


That Letter Game supports multiple languages. More will be added in time and we will give priority to languages with the most requests, so don't be afraid to ask for support for your language!
Languages that are currently available:

* Dutch
* English US
* English UK
* French
* More to come ...

Highscores are kept per language, so TLG is ideal when you are learning a new language. See your highscore increase are your knowledge of the language does!


Letter blocks will drop, but will have no increase in speed over time.
This mode will allow you to try those longer words, and keep your nerves in check :)

Letter blocks will drop and they will be dropping faster for every level you gain. 
This mode is ideal if you want a short and intense game.

Letter blocks will not drop automatically. You have all time in the world to place your blocks so you can make the perfect words.
This mode is ideal if you just want to relax play without any worry about being fast enough.
This mode is also PERFECT for KIDS. They can practice their word making skills.

Normal mode is free to play. The other 2 can be bought as one pack with an InApp purchase of 0.99 €. To those buying this pack: thank you for your support !

We have implemented the InApp purchase like it should be implemented:
* Tied to your account: you won't lose the purchase when reinstalling That Letter Game
* The free mode is not crippled: This is a fully functional and very fun mode
* No nag screens: We don't nag for purchase of the mode pack

NOTE: When having problems or suggestions please mail us. We cannot respond to the Play Store comments.

Can YOU get a highscore?

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