The Dumb Test (Moron test)



Are you a complete moron? Free download The Dumb Test now and find out!

Prove you're a genius with The Dumb Test, mobile's leading brain-teaser! You can call this as a stupid test or a moron test. When you play the dumb test, you'll be answering crazy questions; careful, many are designed to trip you up! If you can puzzle out these mind-benders, you'll get a high IQ score and impress your friends.

The Dumb test is a one of the best puzzle game. It’s fun to play and has very tricky questions. Dumb test is a perfectly designed app which has better graphics.

When you finish a round, you will receive points for your performance. This can be used to get an idea about your brain age. Even if it has funny, tricky questions, dumb test can be used as a brain analyzer.


- Perfectly designed graphics
- Compatible with all HD phones and tablets
- Multiple stages and share score
- Auto save the game when you exit. You can resume at any time

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