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Grade your students' exams... quickly!

  • Fun, entertaining
  • Trains the mind
  • Very repetitive, not many features or modes

"Right or wrong?"

King of Ox is a fun game where you need to select O or X as fast as you can. You're the teacher and you need to grade your students' math tests. How? Simply selecting O or X, depending on if the answer is correct or not.

You need to calculate fast and then push the buttons as quickly as possible, trying to grade as many operations as possible within the time. The design is good and the app is really usable, even though it might take some time at first to realize which symbol is for the right answer and which one for the wrong one.

WestRiver is the developer of the King Of Ox, a simple game that trains your mathematical skills and your quick reflexes. A good game if you want to have fun while exercising your mind.

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Aug 17, 2012

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