The Moron Test 2013



    ★ Are you a moron? ★ No? Then prove it! With this great app you can test yourself and see if you've got some basic knowledge about the world we live in. With simple questions about everything from math to geography and everyday tasks

    Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to see how their knowledgeable they really are. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two from this game.

    ** DISCLAIMER **
    First and foremost, it's not my intention to insult anyone since knowledge is something very subjective.
    Also the results of this tests does not indiciate any iq, if you're an idiot or a moron - it's just knowledge. Some of the questions in this app may have different answers than the ones I'm looking for, I've researched all questions so this shouldn't be the case. But if there's any answer you disagree with please send me an email at with your thoughts, I'll happily revise the content if necessary.

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