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Thief Mind Free's review

by Peter Warrior

Guess the code

  • Nice take on a classic
  • Up to 6 digit codes
  • Lack of additional features

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"Let's see... 1 2 3 4 won't be, will it?"

Based on the popular "mastermind", a game we're sure you played a lot when you were a child, Thief Mind puts you beneath the skin of a cat burglar robbing safes. The game, throughout different interfaces, will guide you in the process of discovering the secret code to unlock the vault telling you how many numbers are right or misplaced.

It's an easy game that can be enjoyed for hours, and its design makes it even more enjoyable. Maybe a way to let others (namely, friends) to select the code in a sort-of asynchronous gameplay would be great, but such suggestion seems too far-fetched even for a reviewer. More scenarios would have been also appreciated, for example to deactivate a bomb or crack an "enemy's" laptop.

Therefore, here's a game you'll like to have installed when there's nothing else to do.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Aug 22, 2013

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