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Tile Combo is a fast paced puzzle game in which you must drop coloured tiles from a stack to form lines of the same colour. Tap the screen to drop a tile - any lines of 3 or more tiles you make will disappear. You need to make lines quickly as the stack moves down the screen. If it crashes into the tiles at the bottom it's game over.

Lines are not removed until all tiles you've dropped have landed. If you plan ahead you can form longer lines and multiple combos of lines. Horizontal and diagonal lines are harder to form so count as longer combos.

Tile Combo has two game modes:

o Speed mode is an arcade style game. The stack moves quickly and you need to form simple combos quickly to survive.

o Combo mode is more of a mental challenge. The stack moves slower but, you need to get longer lines and form multiple lines to complete each level.

As well as being brilliant fun, the game is a great mental workout. To get high scores and gold stars you've got to be able to plan ahead, spot patterns and remember what you've dropped where.

- 2 game modes - double the challenge!
- Unlock 60 levels of increasing difficulty. More tiles, more colours, a faster stack.
- Non-linear gameplay. As you complete a level you unlock multiple new levels. If you get stuck on one level there are many others to try.
- Earn Silver and Gold stars for each level by creating large combos. Replay levels you've already completed to improve your rating.
- You highest score and best combo is recorded for each level.

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