TIME ATTACK,Pair-memory number



The 16 cards consist of 8 pairs of cards.
You flip cards until you complete all the 8 pairs matched.
This game competes on the speed of matching all the pairs.

This game requires memory, quickness and "luck".
It's a very interesting and enjoyable game, and anyone could achieve the best time.

This is suitable for those who like simple, casual games as well as for lovers of action games,
puzzle games, brain-training games and memory games.

The updated time reflects your private ranking and the world ranking,
so you can see how much you improved everyday, and you can also check
where your record is located among the players from all over the world.

In order to participate in the world ranking, you can easily register from the "PLAYER"
information in the "SETTING" menu. It's safe and easy because you only have to enter PlayerName,
Password and Country. (It is assured that the sent data will be only the above three and no personal information at all.)

This game is great for training your memory and prompt judgement, and you can also see how lucky you are.
This is very fun to play; Anyone can have fun regardless of their gender, age or nationality. Have fun!

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Concentration, Memory, puzzle(Concentration Game, Memory game, puzzle game)

SE: affexceed arts, pocket sound
Game engine: e3roid

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