Time Killer s1



『Time Killer season1』

You can enjoy three different time-killing games with one app.
This app is comprised of three games(Maze, Jigsaw, Omok).

1. Maze
- New maze is built whenever game starts.
- There are three levels of difficulty.
- You can find way-out with 4 direction-keys.
※ Touching direction-key makes one move.
※ Rubbing direction-key makes on-going move.
- If located on wrong path, you can restart on any point of path passed with touching the point.

2. Jigsaw
- New jigsaw is built whenever game starts.
- There are three types(3*3, 4*4, 5*5) of jigsaw.
- Moving any piece after touching it makes the piece moved.
※ You can move more than 2 pieces in a row simultaneously.
※ No piece is moved when any piece blocks the way.

3. Omok
- Omok is played by you and app on a baduk board. You uses black stones and app white, and the object of the game is to place five of one's pieces in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
※ You can't win the game with placing more than 6 stones in a row.
- One green circle shows on touching screen. One stone is placed on the board after getting you finger off the screen.
- The stone placed lastly by app is expressed in gray circle.

Why don't you use "Time Killer" for boring time?

☆ "Time Killer season2 is in preparation. Don't miss it.

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