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WARNING: Insanely Addictive!

Touch It is a FREE and Highly addictive touch / puzzle game for all ages. Featuring a high score system, see if you can beat your friends score and place top of the leader board. Now with two separate game modes it's sure to make your fingers smoke.

Survival Mode
Survival is the name, finger pain is the aim. Stay alive as long as you can by turning the blue lights as they activate. With each light you turn out the speed increases slightly until your hands are just a blur swooping over your android screen!

Time Attack
Once you've mastered Survival Mode rest assured you can move to the Time Attack game mode where you'll be tapping faster than ever before. The aim is simple, in the short amount of time you have deactivate as many lights as you can to gain a high score. After a short amount of time the lights will reactivate ensuring your fingers never rest.

But don't be distressed fine working citizen of [insert city here], if you become an Angry Bird because you can't beat your friends score, just tell them to take The Moron Test and you'll feel better. If your a Gem Miner or a Doodle Jump 'er you'll be sure to love our game that has absolutely nothing to with X Construction or Robo Defense!

Where hoping to hit a Homerun with this description, hopefully we'll make you want to eat some Spaghetti Marshmallows or even do some Jet Car Stunts!

With 2 game modes and counting this app is a great time waster for all, we hope to see your scores!


Version: 1.3.4
The score board has now been updated!!

It is now possible to see the past weeks scores (which was the default) and now you can also see the scores for the past Month and All Time for both game types.

Next we will add buttons to the title screen so you can just look at the scores without needing to play a game.

Any feature requests then just leave them in the comments of visit our homepage, link above ;-)

Version: 1.3.5
* Bug fixes and speed optimizations for this release.

Version: 1.3.6
* Added Highscore buttons to the Title Screen for each game mode
* Fixed a bug when saving scores to TimeAttack mode
* Added NativeApplication support so game quits properly
* Fixed a bug when saving options
* Name automatically added when submitting scores
* Speed Optimization
* Small bug fixes

Version 1.3.7
* General code optimizations
+ Extra (can you figure out what it is?)

Version 1.3.8
* Fixed bug when saving scores to server
* Added review dialog
* Added review us button to home screen

Version 1.3.9
* Speed increases when tapping on game
* Code clearing out, so should be smaller file size
* Fixed server bug and double name error
* Back-end setup for new game mode coming next week

Version 1.4.0
* Optimized to run better with Air 2.6
* NEW Button graphics
* Injected a lot of love!!

Version 1.4.1
* Fixed submit bug #J245

Version 1.4.2
* Fixed submit bug #J745

Version 1.4.3
* Added a tweet button so you can submit your scores to Twitter.

- Also we have a new website that has just gone live where you can help us decide the features of our new game (teased at the bottom of Touch It). Hope to see you all there and look out next week for the new game mode

Version 1.4.4
* Removed tweet button as no one seemed to use it and when you clicked it users were not able to get back to their game. (may put it back in future if requested enough on my contact email)

Version 1.4.5
* Bug fixes
* Speed increases
* Fixed issue with score board after submitting score

Version 1.4.6
* Added back button to take you to the menu instead of just quitting.

Version 1.4.7
* Minor bug fixes
* Updated back-end score system to fit in with new game

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