Touch Puzzle



As fast as possible! And accurately! Make your eyes and brains work at full speed and compete with time!

TouchPuzzle is a game you play by pressing all the number buttons on the screen in their order.

There are two types of Modes.
“Standard” is where you start with the smallest number, and “Reverse” the biggest number.

◆Difficulty Level
There are three Difficulty Levels.
「Easy」: This is a simple game where you press 1~25 in their order with no penalty for mis-touch.

「Normal」: You press 25 consecutive numbers within 1~99.
One second penalty will be added to elapsed time for every mis-touch.

「Hard」: You press 25 random numbers within 1~99. Instant Game Over with no record for mis-touch!

Sound effects are kindly provided by “Joker Sounds /Maoudamashi".

■Update Information
05/19 You can now rank your score on OpenFeint.

About Permission:
[Getting known accounts]
This is used by OpenFeint (World Ranking)

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