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Providing a fun math workout for everyone. From pre-school through to advanced math. Powered by a well tuned equation generating engine Train my Brain: Mental Math provides you a varied game experience fitting all your math training needs. No matter if you want a quick daily math workout, achieve highest BrainScores, refresh your mathematical knowledge or create your own math exercise for you and your children; Train my Brain Mental Math has it all.


* 5 Main Game Modes
* Individual sub modes and difficulty levels
* Containing all the basic calculation operations
* Arithmetical Problems like variables, negatives or operator precedence, never seen before in any other math app
* Powerful Editor
* Automatic Input System
* Local and Online Highscore Lists
* Tons of achievements powered by OpenFeint™
* More content in future updates
* And of course: Brainy!

Game Modes:

Quick Play

Quick Play is a fast paced math training. It contains all four basic calculation operations. Try to solve a series of 24 equations below the time limit and earn extra BrainScores. You can choose between 3 difficulty levels.

Timed Mode

Calculate your way through 20 phases of harder getting math containing all four basic calculation operations. Equations become more and more challenging with each phase by increasing the steps and numbers or mixing the calculation operations. Try to solve them as fast and correctly as possible to achieve higher BrainScores.

Special Modes

The Special Modes are an extra challenge for all users that can’t get enough of maths. You can choose between three challenging variations:

* Variables = Add and subtract with variables in 2 steps.
* Decimals = Add and subtract with decimals in 1 step.
* Negatives = Add and subtract with a very high possibility of negative results and intermediate results in 2 steps.

Kids Mode

Kids Mode is designed for your pre-school or primary/elementary school children. It’s a colourful graphic-aided counting and calculation training. Various Objects appear on the screen that must be counted or calculated.Results are entered simply by pressing the right number. For best results and motivation we recommend to play it together with your child.

Personal Mode

Personal Mode is a very flexible and powerful tool to create your own math exercise. No matter if you want to prepare yourself for the challenges in other game modes, create exercises for you or your children or simply want to play without pressure, Personal Mode has various options to fit your math training needs. You can play the developers presets and even create your own presets that give you quick access to your custom made math training.

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