Addictive strategic tile game with simple rules. Play your tiles wisely to keep the board from running full.

The game is easy to learn, but requires skills to master.

Play solo or with a friend on your phone. Choose between different board sizes and tile colors.

Check the global high score list to see how you compare to your friends.

The rules:
Place random valued tiles from the supply on the board.

If a tile is placed so that three or more tiles with equal value are connected in horizontal and/or vertical direction, all tiles except the last one will disappear. The remaining tile will increase it's value by one.

The goal of a single player game is to place as many tiles as possible before the board runs full. In a two player game, the goal is to eliminate the opponent or to achieve the highest score before the board runs full.

The value of the next random tile drawn from the supply depends on the players highest valued tile on the board. If the player's highest tile is N, then the random tiles will be randomly distributed between 1 and N-1.

If the maximum tile value for the game is achieved, the tile will disappear together with the rest of the connected tiles. For board dimensions 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7, the maximum value is 8,11,15 and 20 respectively.

For every tile placed on the board, the player receives points corresponding to the value of the tile. Points are also received for tiles that disappear.

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