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    Published: 2012-08-23, by Peter Warrior.

    A 3D, three players chess game.

    • Great UI and AI work
    • Easy to learn but infinitely deep gameplay.
    • A few aesthetic changes would be appreciated.

    "It's like if you had to learn how to play chess again"

    Although through the course of the last centuries many variants of chess have arisen, from the Chaturanga-based esoteric four players chess to futuristic 3D chess boards where pieces can move up and downwards, few when not any last for more than a few months or years, as a passing craze only for bored chess players who quickly abandon these variations when they realize that they won't meet enough rivals to play and improve their skill and make the game itself evolve. However, in the boom of Internet and smartphones, players can meet no matter where they are, and AIs are easier than ever to program and code.

    Here's where Triad Chess comes into play. If you are used to play standard chess, believe me that you will find it the most odd game ever. Three players face each other and game is won by who checkmates any of the other players (in paid version there's an option to play "king of the hill", though) so you can imagine how awkward some moves can be, tightrope walking between cooperation and competition. Pieces move in a slightly different way, first because squares are hexagonal and secondly because they can span more board. I won't explain all the changes as Richard Wittig (developer) kindly explains them in English, Spanish and French through an option in the main menu, to point of recommending you to start a new game at the lowest difficulty just the download has ended. As user interface is quite obvious (you can ever touch a rival piece to check its reach) you can focus on learning how it works and why usual chess strategies become quickly unuseful. The more you have played chess before, more wonderful the feeling of playing something new and surprising will be. And if you aren't a usual chess player, well, this Triad Chess is an awesome strategy game anyway.

    Convenient 3D graphics allow to not get lost by perspective, though overhead look should include some icons or something, because 3D pieces looked from above look exactly the same. There isn't too much paraphernalia: three different color sets and boards, no fireworks nor oddities, so we understand that the developer has dedicated his time mainly to improve the actual important things of the game.

    Therefore, this game is the perfect partner to any previous chess app you already had, so you can alternate from training to leisure, your brains will appreciate it. If you only know the very basics of chess, you shouldn't be worried to give it a go. It can be a great surprise.

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