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Is shed in the multiple choice quiz a simple, common sense problem-trivia.
The total number of questions about 100 questions. 10 questions will be questions at random.
Of questions from the trivia problem is common sense-famous.
Please to kill time.

Because there is a feature Twitter posts, questions can also be friends.
How can I pass you by solving problems more than eight out of 10 questions really?
※ can be copied to SD card

RAPTORBOOKS popular app (Raptor Books)
★ "2011-2012 current affairs and general common sense"
Structured around the events of the year -2011! Can also be used as a test of general knowledge trivia quiz.
★ "2012-2013 current affairs and general common sense"
Structured around the events of the year -2012!
★ "basic knowledge of current affairs and general common sense"
- Knowledge organized around important political and economic history, world history after World War II and postwar Japan for current affairs and general common sense to solve the problem!
☆ easy to remember because Ichimon'itto format! Fun in a game!
☆ · test various tests - study analyzing the test - Employment Testing and Admissions Center (AO) and university entrance exams and high school entrance examination and recommendation junior high school entrance exam!
☆ There are also issues a small number of Lite version (free)!

File size light!
-Can be saved to the SD card!
Continued free app kill people!
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