Trivia Mania!



All you Trivia Maniacs, see how far you get on this Trivia Quiz!

Catch up on your daily dose of interesting trivia on various topics! Dig into History, explore Geography, experiment with Science and Tech, spend time with Entertainment, and play around with Sports! We have something for everyone!

# Features -
- Simple-to-use and visually pleasing interface
- Choose from 5 categories! Take your pick from History, Geography, Science and Technology, Entertainment, and Sports!
- Read an interesting fact after each question you answer correctly!
- Stuck at a question? Try out the Hints to help you move on! Remove an incorrect letter, reveal a correct letter, or view the entire answer! Be prepared to shell out Coins for it though! ;)
- Ran out of Coins? Try out our Coin Market! Complete free offers to earn Coins, or buy Coins to spend on Hints and to unlock more categories!
- Log in everyday to earn your daily bonus of Coins!
- Finished a category? Reset the category to play through it again!

# Requirements:
- Android version 2.2 or above

We would really appreciate your suggestions for future updates. :)

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