Ultimate Bubble Breaker



Full Version Includes:
- Medium Mode
- Hard Mode
- Un-Breakable Brick Bubbles. Don't let them get in Your Way to a high score!

-Earn points by strategically clearing the field of bubbles.
-Plan ahead to earn the most points and remain the High Score holder on your phone.

Game Play:
-Tap finger on groups of two or more bubbles to burst them. The remaining bubbles will fall down to fill the empty space.

-Groups consist of 2 or more bubbles of the same color.

-Make sure to plan ahead to strategically create larger color groups to burst at once.

-Use the phone’s directional sense to help make even larger color groups. Turning the phone from landscape to portrait will determine how the remaining bubbles will fall after bursting a group.

-Remaining bubbles will always fall and be affected by the phone’s orientation maintaining a true sense of gravity.

-On Medium and Hard modes, plan ahead to avoid the Brick Bubbles,which can not be burst. Be sure to strategically use the alternating gravity feature to your advantage.

To end a game, select the Surrender button and try again!

Hint: After a move, bubbles will fall towards WHICHEVER side of your phone is facing the ground, keep this in mind and plan moves ahead of time!

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