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Get ready for a new twist on the classic Minesweeper for Android in Ultimate Minesweeper! Exercise your strategic and logical thinking in this new take on a classic game featuring the original game along with a new exciting Blitz mode! You have two minutes to find all the mines and clear as many boards as you can. Clear a board and get a huge point bonus but more mines are added with each new grid. How far can you go in two minutes?

Easy to play, hard to master! Tap on any hex tile to uncover what’s beneath it. An uncovered tile will have numbers if they are touching a mine. Use the numbers to figure out what tiles have mines under them and cover them up with a Flag. Keep uncovering tiles to figure out where the mines are and putting flags down till you find them all. In Classic mode, customize the board with as many mines as you want. In Blitz mode, you have two minutes to clear as many boards as you can by finding all of the mines.

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Key features:
- Highly addictive
- 2 Game Modes
- Huge score bonuses

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