Veggie Fun Memory for Kids



Veggie Fun Memory is a classic memory tile game where you test your memory skills by trying to find matching pairs of fun, cartoon vegetables!

There are two modes of play in Veggie Fun Memory. The first mode, Challenge Mode, gives you limited attempts to clear the game-board and matches give more attempts!
The second mode, Casual Mode, should appeal to everyone out there young or old since there is not timer, there is no attempt limit, it is just a fun veggie game-board waiting for you to find all the matches. Everyone is a winner if you play through Casual Mode!

Veggie Fun Memory features the largest memory game-board on the android market. The huge 8x8, 64 tile board will keep even the most avid memory experts occupied. for our younger players (or those looking for a brain break) we also have a 4x4 grid and a 6x6 grid.

Veggie Fun Memory features nine vegetable sprites, multi-size game-board as well as tons of color options for your tiles as well! Feel free to customize the look of your game by selecting all the colors of the Veggie Fun Memory board!

Statistics are also kept for those who love to track how they perform. Challenge mode tracks Wins, Losses, Matches, and Mismatches. Casual Mode tracks games completed.

There are even fun and upbeat songs that plays with Veggie Fun Memory, and there are sound effects for matches and misses. Feel free to turn the songs off if you prefer to just listen to sound effects, or mute all the sounds using an in-game button. Also, informational "i" buttons are in the game to help people to understand the goals of the level they chose to play!

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