Very Little Monsters



All worlds are available now.

Duplicate on different boards and collect all crystals, pick a side (red naughty monsters team or blue polite and nice one-eyed monsters)

- Beautiful cartoon & 3D graphics
- Fun & friendly logic based gameplay (duplicate and jump to win match)
- Play through various boards and worlds (underwater, forest and space)
- Collect crystals and unlock new levels
- Play with smart AI or 2 Players mode to have fun with friends
- Pick red or blue monster
- Different kinds of difficulty (easy, normal)

Blue monsters are counting on You

Note to parents:

It's non violent, happy game perfect for your child
We added funny voices to those little monsters, kids gonna love this
This friendly puzzle game encourages young persons and adults to elaborate their own winning strategy

Two Players mode is great and popular for long trips like flight and break the ice between parents and children.

This new game straight from Creative Output Development is high quality entertaining monsters game
We put all our efforts to make this game a family experience and also challenging for adults.

Hope you find its entertaining and unique

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"puede ser una buena opción para matar esos ratos aburridos cuando no contamos con ningún tipo de conexión en"

"it’s a really fun game!"

"it's great game for kids !!!"
- CG Cafe

"Every level has a different layout of cells, and thus requires a different strategy. They can range from amazingly simple to incredibly difficult, which is how a casual game like this should be ... "

"The art style is very interesting, and disturbing. Not only do the monsters sport big eyes, that’s what you’ll see for the most part, unless you use the rotate function. I do like it though, they’re both cute and very… weird... "

"Looking for a simple and relaxing game but at the same time to keep your mind fiddling? Well CODE-software's android-only game Very Little Monsters should make the fit...
Like Angry Birds, the game starts off with a story to entertain the players or to get the players thinking how the rivalry between these two monsters existed... it is ultimately a very challenging and mind-teasing game for players who just want to sit back and enjoy."

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