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Preparing for GRE/GMAT/SAT or other competitive exams from across the globe? We bring to you Vocabulary Bible to target the verbal sections. Use Vocabulary Bible Lite to learn 150 new words while enjoying the exhilaration of gaming. Play and learn on the go!!

So you’ve bought your Android device but you are yet to buy a vocabulary software. Buy Vocabulary Bible right away!


The idea is to make you memorize 30 words at a time by playing different games on them. Start with study words and then go through each and every level(Study Words, Drag N Drop, Flip Cards, Hot Target, Multiple Choice, Reverse & Read Out) for a particular wordlist. While in the levels if you feel any word is difficult try to mark them. You can separately study marked words later. At the end of playing 8 levels you should be able to memorize 90% of the words in the wordlist and remaining 10% as marked words. Use change wordlist button to change the wordlist at given point in time.

✔ It’s the first of its kind and unique in the Android market of vocabulary enhancing gaming software.
✔ 7 vocabulary games of increasing levels help in progressive learning without exhausting you.
✔ The games are based on a comprehensive list of 3000 words!
✔ Play each game with a wordlist of 30 words…the drill helps you memorize and the gaming adds the thrill!
✔ Personalize the software by marking difficult words! Play the games with special attention to those words.


STUDY WORDS: Enhance understanding and comprehension through this formative level game containing the words, their meanings and examples.

MULTIPLE CHOICE: This standard vocabulary quiz comes with a timer to gauge your performance.

DRAG N DROP: The classic ‘match the following’! Drag the word onto its meaning in this ‘self-evaluating’ session.

REVERSE KNOCK: ‘Role-reversal’ - we give you the definition and you pick the word that best fits it.

FLIP CARDS: Define the word and ‘flip’ the screen to see the real meaning.

MARKED WORDS : Mark the difficult words and play it later to master the list.

HOT TARGET: Match a word with its meaning in succession from a ‘pool of words’. Tricky!

READ OUT : Pronounces and reads out the word list!

What makes Vocabulary Bible the best choice for you?

✔ Technological alternative to conventional vocabulary books.
✔ Ideal for preparation for competitive exams across the globe.
✔ Easiest way to add 3000 new words to your vocabulary.
✔ Self-paced and self-evaluated learning.
✔ The effort is minimal and the pattern is exciting!

You can’t help playing the games repeatedly till you gain mastery over the words! You’ll find yourself hooked on to each game you play and you won’t know which one is more addictive. With all the 7 games done, you won’t even realize when you finished adding 3000 new words to your vocabulary!!

What could be better? You have to try it to believe it.

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