War of Reproduction


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War of Reproduction is a domination-like strategy game for Android

  • Upgrading system
  • Challenging and entertaining
  • Original theme
  • Graphics need polishing
  • Needs parental control for IAP

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"Fertilize the ovule, strategically"

According to a study, when sperm from another male is added to semen, over 50% of it will be attacked and killed within 15 minutes.

In Appplus's War of Reproduction you must end up all enemy sperm nodes in each level, which means that you must send spermatozoon to them until you take down all its defenses. However, enemy's bases will try to fertilize yours too. Manage your sperm efficiently (yes, we know how this sounds) by reinforcing your weak cells and taking more and more enemy's bases.

As you progress through the game, you'll get broccoli, that can be used to upgrade your sperm quality (¬¬). You can get extra broccoli packes via in-app purchase. There are over 20 levels to beat and difficulty increases gradually.

War of Reproduction is set in simple yet cute graphics. Effects and animations are beautiful. Graphics aren't though the most relevant part of this game genre but controls and addictiveness. Both at its highest level.

Controls are intuitive and responsive: just swipe to the enemy cell your want to attack (or reinforce if the cell's yours) to send a line of sperm. If you want to cut the line to send them to other base just slide the line and re-send. Such easy.

That simplicity, plus the original theme and the upgrading system make the game a highly addictive one.

In nutshell, War of Reproduction is an entertaining and challenging strategy game. Recommended.

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