What Am I - Mobile Game



I was looking for a fun game that you can play with many people. For example, to get to know each other a little better together to laugh or just as a pastime. It was a game that you can play in a group, but also together with one friend. Maybe even on the train, with people you do not know. Tadaa: What am I on your Phone!

What a great way to meet strangers or get to know your friends better! Just ask them to play a round of "What Am I?".

Press the start button and show the screen to the other players. After they've read what (or in some cases, who) you are, shake the phone. Now, the fun starts! Can you guess what you are before time's up?

Mind you : It's not easy! Try to ask the right questions, and visualize. Example questions :

- Can you hold me?
- Do I have specific colours?
- Am I expensive?
- Would you like to have me?
- Could you think of any negative effects of owning me?
- If you'd trade me for a car, would that be concidered a good trade?
- Do you use me on a daily basis?
- etc.

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