What's the Sliding Word?


What's the Sliding Word?'s review


Find out which one's the correct word and answer as quickly as you can

  • Well-designed
  • Entertaining
  • Fun and good for the mind
  • Not really original, many games like this one

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"Four images, only one word"

What's the Sliding Word? is a fun and thrilling game for fans of word apps, a puzzle game for all ages.

What do you need to do in this game? Simply, find out which of the four possible answers is the word that connects all four images. Choose the correct answer and continue guessing the enigmas as quickly as you possibly can, otherwise the score will be lower.

Make use of the three available power-ups that will help you achieve your highest possible score. Navigate across the different levels and unlock the following ones by earning points, new levels will be added constantly.

Flex Solutions is the developer of What's the Sliding Word, a great game for improving your mental skills, perfect for playing a bit every day. Topics are very different from each other and although it might seem pretty easy at first sight, it really grows in difficulty as you go on.

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by Ana , Appszoom

Oct 30, 2013

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