Wheel of Brain



    "Best game I found close to wheel of fortune. Highly recommend this game." - review.


    Finally it's here! Wheel of Brain - on your mobile!
    Do you like Wheel of Fortune? Then this game is for you!
    You can spin the "wheel" again.

    Puzzles, jokes, online game, competing against your friend or the sarcastic computer, collecting scores, online global highscore list.

    How to play?
    You have to solve a word puzzle. To do this, you have to guess a consonant, and if successful, you get points. How much? Depends on what you spin before the guess. Be careful, there are half and even zero as well. If your guess fails, the next player goes. You can also buy vowels from your score. The score you collect in a round will only be kept if you solve the puzzle, otherwise you lose it. Then comes the next round, in total 13 per game. Be careful, the computer player is getting smarter round by round.

    The puzzles are downloaded from a (constantly updated) server, when you start a new game.
    If you go through all 13 levels, you can upload your score into the Hall of Brains - a global highscore list.

    Any feedback is welcomed, or if you want to play on your native language and can help in translation at

    * Online game: profile, public/private game, highscore list
    * Thousands of puzzles
    * Sarcastic computer player (you can switch off if too annoying)
    * 8 skins (including DOS Retro)
    * 13 rounds per game (computer player is better and better)
    * Possible to save your current game (after each round)
    * Global highscore list - Hall of Brains (day/week/month/all)
    * Statistics (after all levels completed)
    * Play against another human player without computer player

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