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Gameloft has re-invented Waldo's book-game and has brought it our mobile devices

  • Keeps "Where's Waldo" essence
  • Different game modes
  • Challenging
  • Graphics
  • Needs full-screen preview and pinch to zoom in/out
  • Needs to load every time you start a level or go back menu
  • Battery killer

"Where's Waldo now? In your Android"

We're pretty sure you all have ever played "Where's Waldo" series, a book-game that made us spent really great and challenging moments in our childhood. It seemed that this genre was buried underneath the ruins of the last century until Gameloft take the idea (and the rights, of course) and brought it directly to the 21st century making it an app.

Although gameplay is still the same, it becomes way more interactive including different game modes like adventure, quick game or mini-games (locked in the beginning). In the "adventure mode" Waldo will travel through ages with different levels on each. Finding Waldo is important, of course. However, as used to happen in the original book-games, the most challenging and interesting part is finding Waldo's friends and items scattered around the stage. Gameloft kept the essence of this dynamic.

Time matters, actually the faster the more score you get. If you think about it, it was same way in the book-game, you compete against yourself to find stuff as faster as possible. Unlike the original game, this allows to create even more stages, more challenges and consequently it becomes funnier and more playable.

Controls are quite easy: just drag the screen to move through it (you cannot preview full screen either pinch for zooming. This is a catch). On the left side there's a sidebar where you can see the characters/items you have to find, as well as the amount of them. As you find them they'll disappear from the list. Use a hint card to help you locate items specially if you're running out time. You can hold up to 5 cards.

Graphics are lovely, faithful to the original book-game, in consequence, bit childish. Effects are great and we're just missing some viewing options. One of the catches is that it requires to load every time you go back to the menu or start a new level.

In a nutshell, an interactive "Where's Waldo" that keeps the essence of the original book-game but enhances its gameplay thanks to the potential of screentouch and mobile tech. Lovely.

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