Word Addiction! PRO


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Word Addiction! PRO: Same great game without ads!

A word game of Speed, Skill, and Chance!

* Speed - Race against the clock on all boards!
* Skill - use every tool in your vocabulary!
* Chance - use bonus tiles to multiply your score!
* Random boards guarantee a unique gameplay experience every time!

Word Addiction! or WA! as we so affectionately call it, is a word game with some very new twists to it! Simple to learn and easy to play with many different styles of execution depending on each gamers strategy. Word Addiction! will give endless levels of play that are constantly changing. The player can choose to use their speed, or possibly their word skills to try and keep advancing to the top score. Maybe some will use both! There's also the twist of chance tossed in just to make things more interesting. See which way Lady Luck and your skill will take you! Once you give WA! a try, you will become addicted. Join us in the fun and Have a Gas doin' it!

A word game of skill, speed, and chance!

Every game is different and endless! If you are skilled enough,
fast enough, and lucky enough

Overall Objective:
Have a gas! Try to beat yourself or everyone! It's your choice.
Just have fun!

Game has two Areas of Play

* Main Board consisting of (25) letters disappearing every 5 sec.

* Sudden Death Round - Each word attempt consists of (7) letters
with 10 sec. to solve

Play: Simply select (2) letters or more to create a word. Then touch the
word to submit.

* When the Main Board reaches only (7) letters play automatically goes to
Sudden Death Board

* Sudden Death Board only requires (2) letter words, up to a max of 7;
But be quick! You only have 10 sec. per word

Player must advance through Sudden Death Round in order to get a new
Main Board or game is over!

Scoring: Simple - use any (2) letters or more in our dictionary to form
a word.

* Letters carry a point total of (1) for A through (26) for Z

* Color bonus tiles appear randomly. Use in words to get bonus points.

* Green Tile - Letter multiplies by 2
* Yellow Tile - Letter multiplies by 5
* Red Tile - Letter multiplies by 10
* Gold Tile - WORD multiplies by 25!

Rounds - Each Main Board and Sudden Death Board make up a single round.

* All scoring multiplies as player advances from round to round through
round 9 at which point the game maintains the highest multiplier

* Unlimited number of rounds are available

NOTE: Game can only be paused while on the Main Board. Never during
Sudden Death!

Most importantly... Have a Gas!