Word Puzzle is a fun brain puzzler. If you like Sudoku and Dr. Kawashima's brain exercise, then you will love this game! Waiting at the bus station, during a short break or on the subway - anywhere you usually stare into the air, you can train your brain and have some fun. Just grab your Android smartphone and play 36 challenging and entertaining levels of WordPuzzle!

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The goal of Word Puzzle is simple: Build the 4 given words on the puzzle board. The order of the characters can also go in opposite directions (e.g. instead of "ice" you can spell "eci"). Also you can build the words in horizontal as well as vertical order.

The character board comprises 6x6, in total 36 characters. One piece is missing which allows you to re-arrange the characters on the board. You can move the pieces either vertically or horizontally by just tapping or sliding the tiles you want to move to the empty space. Since the tiles are arranged randomly at the beginning of the game, you need to re-arrange the tiles until you have built the 4 words. Levels are scored with a 1 to 4 flower rating, according to how many of the 4 words are visible when finishing the level. If you build the 4 words sequentially, only the last word you build will be visible when finishing - for which you get 1 flower.

Puzzle, brain exercise, Sudoku - Word Puzzle is a bit of all and believe us: you'll get addicted!

Get started solving the levels now - we wish you fun with WordPuzzle!

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