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WordRadar™, bringing the human element back to technology! Use WordRadar™ to make new friends for word games wherever you go. :)

If you are a fan of Words With Friends, or the Wordfeud app, then you know that you need to find other opponents to play with. Now you can view a list of nearby players who have run WordRadar™ in the past 30 minutes.

Select the Long Range search (~5 miles) to find players in your small town or neighborhood! Switch back to Short Range to meet someone new @ your local coffee shop, pub or school campus!

This is the perfect app to find players no matter where you are. Please tell your friends about us -- the likelihood of finding nearby players will increase as more people install the app. Be patient, we're a new app ;)


* At least one 'location service' must be enabled on your phone or tablet. Press HOME > MENU, and then tap Settings > Location.

* The nearby users list is updated every 2 minutes, or while viewing the list you can press MENU and select 'Refresh'.

* The app will shut itself down after 30 minutes to minimize battery use, but at any time while viewing the nearby users list you can press MENU and select 'Close'. Your username will continue to be shown to nearby WordRadar users for up to 30 minutes.

* The app only shows nearby users who play the same type of word game. If you selected the wrong word game on the initial registration screen, press MENU and select 'Change Game'.

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