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The program helps to train your words memory. It uses game approach with statistical check of the progress. With its help you will achieve amazing results and this will help you in your career and private life!

How to play:

Configure the program: Enter your name, the number of words you want to remember, and the time in which you plan to remember the number of the words.

Start the game.

Memorize the list of words appeared on screen using one of the mnemonic techniques. If you have time to memorize it before the time, press the "Press when ready"

Then, enter memorized list of words into the input fields, word by word.

Check the result. You will see a couple of words: an original word and your response. Wrong answers will be highlighted in red, correct - in green.

Upon completion you can see current and past statistics, which is automatically saved.

Mnemonic techniques to memorize lists of words

One of the easiest ways to remember lists - to establish link between adjacent words. For example, the list of GRASS HORSE WOOD BIKE WOLF can be easily remembered by the following relationship between words: GRASS IS EATED BY HORSE WHO LOOKS INTO WOOD SEARCHING FOR BIKE WITH WOLF. The disadvantage of this method is in large probability to fail to restore complete list of words when at least one connection is lost because each subsequent word is based on its predecessor.

More complicated, but more reliable method - Method of loci http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci or similar methods based on usage of prelimenary memorized ordered spatial or visual sets of data http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_of_memory#Order. For example, you can use alphabet to create such virtual visual reference set - A - Eiffel Tower, B - glasses, С - crescent, D - a big smile... After you have such ordered list you can create associative links with a new list which you should to remember, like GRASS ON EIFFEL TOWER, RACE HORSE IN BIG BLACK GLASSES, DARK WOOD SHINED BY CRESCENT'S LIGHT...

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