Words with Cats!



Each puzzle presents you with pictures clues as to what the mystery word is. Put the letter combos together to make the words that fit the picture clue. Use the cute cats to let you know how many syllables are in each word. You’re goal in each puzzle is to create all of the words using the letters. Wake up the cats and discover the correct words in the list complete each puzzle! Tons of adorable kittens and words to uncover in this unique word puzzle game! We guarantee you’ve never played anything like Words With Cats! If you enjoy crossword puzzles, anagram games, or word puzzles, you’ll love Words With Cats!

Words With Cats features 10 Word Packs featuring over 150 words to discover! With Words With Cats, you’ll have plenty of unique puzzles to play through and tons of cute pictures to look at! Plus tons of adorable, sleeping cats! If you love 7 Little Words, you’ll love Words With Cats!!

Key Features:
- Cute Cats!!!
- Tons of unique puzzles!
- Addictive gameplay!
* All levels unlocked
* No ads!

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