Wordtris 3D




    Wordtris 3D is a mockup of different popular games. The objective is to score points with horizontal and vertical words of 4 to 6 letters. To enrich the experience, you will also encounter bombs, coins and wild cards. As the game advances, the blocks will fall faster. Earn extra points by completing the special achievements. The game is over when the blocks reach the grey line at the top of the screen.

    - While playing, bombs may fall. Use them to blow up blocks that you cannot use.

    - Move the falling letters by swiping the screen. Each letter represents a value, which determines the reward of the word you put together.

    - Coins may be awarded after you constructed a word. Bronze, silver and gold coins will add to your score when a block gets on top. Bronze coins are worth 3 points, silver coins 8, and gold coins 20 points.

    - The questionmark gives you the choice of 3 letters. Pick the letter you need.

    - An airstrike can occur during any given moment in the game. Either blocks, bombs or coins will fall down at high speed.

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