World Countries on gridQuiz



World Countries on gridQuiz. The gridQuiz is unique quiz tool where questions and answers are presented on a grid cells. User has to match up the and the question and answer by tapping/touching cells in sequence. gridQuiz has two mode:

1. Normal Mode - All the question and answers are presented on the grid.
2. Memory Game Mode - Question and answers are hidden under cells and user can see only two cell at a time. User has to remember the location of questions and answer to finish the grid in minimum attempts.

User gets 1 point for correct match of the country and flag/capital/currency and -1 for a unsuccessful attempt.

The "Word Countries on gridQuiz" has following types of quizes :

1. World Flags - Match up the Countries and their Flags on the grid.
2. World Capitals - Match up the Countries and their Capitals on the grid.
3. World Currencies- Match up the Countries and their Currencies on the grid.

This app is a comprehensive tool to test/learn the knowledge about the countries. It places the Flags,Capitals and Currencies quizes under one umbrella. The Memory Game Mode is very interesting and challenging and help increasing memory and concenration. User can learn about the countries while doing the brain excercise.

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