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Geography Quiz Game is a educational android game for all ages. The main purpose of the game is "Geography Education" and not competition. For that reason, there aren't levels, time and achievements. For better assimilation of knowledge,in the results there are maps and links for more information on Wikipedia about the geographical landmarks. Finally, there is the possibility of online scores for those who want to see what their geographical knowledge is related to other players.

*Works well in all android phones and tablets

Version: V1.0
Points of interest: 745
Categories: Countries' capitals, Cities of Europe, Asian Cities, Towns of the United States of America, Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, UNESCO World Heritage, USA, European cities,
Answers are created dynamically in a stochastic way . So, the experience for the user isn't boring. Moreover, there is the possibility for the user to select the difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and the number of questions (10, 15, 20) in all combinations between them.
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We hope you like it! Enjoy!

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