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    Xord is a simple but addictive and fun word game. It already contains thousands of challenging crosswords, and more are added each and every day. There are also more than 50 free crosswords available which are updated regularly. Once you have downloaded a crossword it will be available to you offline, so that you can enjoy a good crossword even when far away from civilization.
    Crosswords are available in several different languages and types. At the moment there are three different types of crosswords - Classical crosswords (with hints and solutions in the same language), mathematical crosswords (where the letters have been exchanged for numbers and the answer is calculated, hence helping you improve your math skills) and multilingual translation crosswords (a new and fun way to learn and master a second language where the hints are in one language and the solution is the translation in another). The currently available crosswords languages are Swedish, German, English, Finnish, Danish, Spanish, Math, English/German, English/Japanese, English/Spanish and English/Swedish.
    The quality of the crosswords is constantly improved by the Xord community where new cross word questions can be added and crosswords ready for publishing can be approved word by word. Helping out in the community will also earn you points which could be converted to the Xord in-app money called xcoins.
    The crosswords are shown "Swedish-style" (a.k.a "picture crosswords"), meaning that no clue numbers are used, as the clues are contained in the cells which would normally be shaded in other countries. Arrows indicate in which direction the clues have to be answered, vertical or horizontal. The advantage of this is that you can have your focus on the board at all time since the clues and solutions are in the same place which makes it easier for the user. This type of cross words are fast spreading from Northern Europe, not only to the rest of Europe, USA and the rest of America, but also to Asia and Africa.
    The name Xord comes from "X" as in "cross" and the Swedish word "ord" which means "word", i.e. Xword.
    Crossword puzzle has for long times been a popular pastime in large parts of the world. One could say that solving a crossword puzzle is much like finding the words of a finished game of wordfeud or scrabble. The only help you have on the way are the hints written for each word on the board.

    Please help us improve this app by sending us bugs you find, suggested improvements, comments, etc. Please send all this to email:

    * New crosswords every day.
    * Several different languages.
    * Innovative crosswords - like math and translation puzzles.
    * Your game will be auto saved when closed.
    * Community improved crosswords.
    * Thousands of available crosswords and constantly increasing.

    Happy crossing!

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