YAGS Jigsaw Puzzle: Super Cars



YAGS Jigsaw Puzzle has been designed to give the user a great experience. This "Super Cars" version contains 106 puzzles that can be played under 3 levels of difficulty depending on the time you want to spend on them:
* Easy (3x5, 15 pieces)
* Medium (6x10, 60 pieces)
* Hard (9x16, 144 pieces)

The status of a puzzle is automatically saved when you leave it and you can come back anytime to complete it.

We enhanced the Jigsaw experience with 2 features:
* Smart Picking: When activated, any piece taken from the stack is guaranteed to fit on a piece already on the board.

* Smart Lock: When activated, a properly placed piece will be automatically locked.

All images are in high definition but they will appear properly on any screen size.

Please feel free to contact us for suggestions or to report any bug.

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