Zombie Minesweeper


Zombie Minesweeper's review

by Peter Warrior

A revamped reinterpretation of the classical minesweeper game

  • Bold reinterpretation of an overused genre
  • Adequate graphics and design.
  • It could have been bolder (multiplayer, power-ups, level editor...)

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"Something smells rotten in here"

Zombie Minesweeper brings what the minesweeper mini-sub-genre needed: zombies.

Fortunately, all that glitters aren't zombies, and you can also enjoy the isometric graphics set on lovely and changing scenarios, far better than that boring grey grid we bore for too many years. In addition, a campaign mode (a campaign mode! didn't anyone think of it before?) lets you play the stages in increasing difficulty, and there are different kinds of zombies (aka 'mines') to beat.

I won't bother explaining how to play minesweeper for your own good (if you haven't ever played, enjoy your life and act as if you haven't ever read such word), but I'd like to highlight that it's a genre I didn't ever expect to see overhauled, much less in a so satisfying way.

Although a thousand things could have been added to utterly reinvent the genre and hatch a new minesweeper offspring, we can only recommend this game. Oh, it isn't the best game in the world, but you won't regret to have it installed.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Feb 03, 2014

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