Zoo Kids: Puzzle Pack II



★★★★★ Educate Your Smart Kids ★★★★★
Zoo Kids: Puzzles Pack 2, an Android Exclusive app, is designed to help your kids spell and pronounce animal names (A-Z) commonly found at a zoo. Featuring two puzzles, "Spot The Animal" and "Identifying Animal Names", this application will keep the kids for an extended period of time!

With over 70 different animals, cute graphics, swipe-or-shake intuitive interaction and voice-assist, your kids are gonna love learning with Zoo Kids. So look no further, download the app now and empower your child with this powerful learning tool.

Application Features:

a) 70 different animals (A-Z) that include mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects and birds.

b) Charming graphics with great details.

c) Swipe Gesture Mode: Swipe left or right on the screen to switch back and forth between animals.

d) Shake Mode: Shake your android device to shuffle between animals.

e) Voice Assist: Utilizing the power of Text-to-Speech available on Android 2.0 and higher phones, the voice assist will pronounce the animal names and spell them as well. The text-to-speech engine has been customized to speak at the right pitch thus helping the kids spell and pronounce accurately.

f) Spot The Animal: This puzzle will ensure that your kids are able to identify the animals by their name & pronunciation, looks and spelling, that they will learn from the application.

g) Identifying Animal Names: This puzzle will ensure that your kids are able to co-relate animals with their names. Featuring a fun drag and drop mechanic and balloon reward mechanic, this game is sure to keep your kids engaged for long hours.

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In case of a crash please report the error to us so that we fix the bug asap.

Thank you and we appreciate your business with us.

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INFO: some (about 2 animal's) pronunciations are slightly off and we do apologize for the inconvenience.

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