3D Jeep Venture Game




    3D Jeep Venture is a very exciting, new 3D racing and driving game. You travel in a great 3D environment in a brand new jeep, trying to reach the finish line safe and sound after you manage to escape the sea of obstacles and the crazy traffic out there.

    So if you like racing and driving, enter this race against the world. Prove you have what it takes to be a pro driver by reaching the finish line with the car and yourself in one piece after facing a road full of obstacles and crazy drivers that just keep on bugging you. In order to become the best driver that you can be, the key is to have full control over your jeep so that you can pass safely through the windows on the road. Practice your driving skills every day because only good reflexes can make you a great driver. Act quickly and find that corridor on the road where there are no cars or obstacles and you will definitely reach the finish line with your cool jeep. Once you finished a level it will only get harder. Good thing that you have the option to buy some cool features for your car. But improving the performance of your jeep is not cheap, so use the money wisely. Collect from the road every single bag with the dollar sign on it if you want to get the maximum efficiency. There are 4 types of features that you can spend your money on. The first one is the acceleration which means that you can reach a higher speed faster. This is the most expensive feature and every upgrade from four possible means 750$ less in your pocket. If you are a speed junky, your budget can decrease very fast, so you might want to consider other upgrade options for your jeep before spending all your money. Top speed is one them. This feature allows your car to reach a higher maximum speed and will cost you 500$ every time you upgrade. When you buy upgrades you have to consider that more speed will turn your jeep into a real 4 wheel beast, really hard to control. Don't be cheap and give 250$ for a more efficient car handling and 200$ for optimized braking. It will be very helpful when you drive very fast. It is up to you to choose the right upgrade combination so that you obtain the best result in your 3D car journey. Once your upgrades are selected, driving the jeep will become a piece of cake. Test for yourself in the 4 challenging levels that this 3D game offers.

    Now that you know all this , start the engine and prepare yourself for an amazing jeep adventure that you will never forget in a stunning 3D environment. Find your way through the numerous obstacles and crazy drivers out there and try not to ruin your jeep. If you manage to do this , you can call yourself a pro driver. Pass the test and have a great time doing it.