A Drag Hill Climb Car Racing




    High above the surface of the sea a fun, great drag racing challenge takes place. Only the best of the best top drivers, each in their top car, can take part in this cool and fun drag race. 3D Games is the name of this best drag racing challenge in the world: 1. A hill climb, 2. Running Games and 3. The Race. You are part of these games.

    First you need to climb the hill. The fun racing spot is on the highest hill in the neighborhood, the contestant's car is pulled up by a helicopter but racers need to climb it. In order to be able to climb this hill you had to train how to climb a hill in the best climbing academy in your country. The training was harsh and cool at the same time, stressful and fun. It took you a long time to master it, but eventually you became proficient and no hill is now impossible for you to climb.

    After the climbing part, you go into a not-so-much fun running games – 2nd part of the 3D Games. In the running games you have to run to your car. The faster you get there, the more advantage you will have. You haven't been training for the running games much, you spent too much time preparing your hill climbing and getting your top, cool car ready. Running games have never been you favorite.

    Finally in the car, it's time for the real drag racing! You have a surprise for everybody. You have installed some cool miniguns on your car before the race. Now you can get rid of your enemies fast in situations where you won't be able to avoid them! No one has ever tried that before in the 3D games, but it's not forbidden either. You will make these 3D games unforgettable for everybody! Best, top 3D games ever!

    This is a real cool race you have the opportunity to take part in. Best drag racing game on the store! Race like you've never raced before! Avoid enemies whenever you can, shoot them down otherwise! Fave fun in this cool, free game! A top drag racing game!