Acrobatic Rider - Ice



   Come and experience Acrobatic Rider-Ice it! This is a content-rich, racing simulation game software. Built-in a variety of challenging game action, more than more than 20 challenging tracks, bring you cool smooth-like body and mind to enjoy. Please note: This is a game about driving skills, rather than a pursuit of speed of the game ~ ~ ICE can not stop me, ICE just cooling my body!
- Finger touch biker, so before the trip, the finger speed motorcycle ride farther and let fly higher;
- Caution: roadblocks, stairs, etc.
- to collect more coins and complete the stunt to get bests
- unlock achievement.
- Very smooth visuals;
- Motorcycle physical system simulation;
- clear and bright picture style, suitable for the whole family to play, Suitable for all kinds of people love to play extreme sports
- level selection.
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