Angry Gran RadioActive Run


Angry Gran RadioActive Run's review


A wickedly fast, basic side-scroller

  • Super fast-paced
  • Muultiplayer element
  • Randomly-generated levels
  • Needs a checkpoint system
  • It needs variety
  • It gets boring

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"Granny Has Got To Go"


Angry GranRadioActive Run puts granny in the radioactive hot side. In this ultra fast-paced side-scroller, it's your job to make sure granny runs, jumps, and slides her way through an increasing number of difficult levels and dangerous obstacles. It makes for reasonable side-scrolling fun, but is by no means perfect.


If you are looking for a super-fast paced game, give granny a go. Being able to compete against friends in a multiplayer element adds to player engagement and reusability. Randomly-generated levels means you won't lose interest after you memorize the first one.


There needs to be some sort of checkpoint system, so that you don't have to restart the entire level each time. The fast-pace may not be for everyone. It needs some additional variety to the gameplay, as it gets boring rather quickly.

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by William

Aug 14, 2015

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