Asphalt 7: Heat

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    Asphalt 7: Heat's review

    Published: 2012-08-10, by Peter Warrior.

    Successful sequel to Asphalt 6

    • Technically flawless
    • Great gameplay and kinds of races
    • Too heavy downloading
    • Few improvements regarding A6

    "Melt the road"

    Once you are ready to chain yourself to a wifi hotspot and download 1.36 Gb, the first question that would come to your mind is whether if Gameloft guys have been able to actually make their superhit Asphalt 6 better or not. Asphalt 6 is for many arguably the best driving car ever on Android, or at least one with the best price,quality and fun ratio. In fact, if I had to rate again now, I'm pretty sure it would get again its well deserved five out five. You can check what we said about A6 here. It was kinda premonitory.

    Therefore, will Asphalt 7 oust Asphalt 6? Where is this franchise going? Wouldn't it be better to add new content to 6 through further in-app purchases?

    Firstly, even though graphics are slightly better than in its predecessor, some of the tracks are the same. Likewise, the official licenses then were awesome but there are just a few new official ones, so your garage collection will be very similar to what you had then. Gameplay may be slightly smoother, but the original wasn't easy to improve, so don't worry if you get a deja vu when you first start playing this A7.

    Gameloft has made a great effort regarding multiplaying, thus leading us to believe that the franchise will predictably focus on online features in subsequent editions. Besides that, it seems that Asphalt series only want to keep its crown as the best arcade driving game; leaving the chance to innovate and grow to other competitors in the trade, letting them get a word in edgewise. Whatsoever, a five out of five. It's absolutely fun and technically flawless, better than most console games, so it wouldn't be fair if we penalized it just because we expected Gameloft to reinvent their best trump.

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