Asphalt 8: Airborne


Asphalt 8: Airborne's review

by Peter Warrior

8th edition of Gameloft's most popular franchise

  • Technically outstanding
  • Put your earphones on
  • New social features
  • Enhanced gameplay, both solo and multiplaying
  • Minor UI issues in menus
  • May we ask for a track editor in Asphalt 9?

"Why would you run when you can fly?"

I remember when I played Gameloft games on my Motorola V550. I remember when I first played Asphalt 5 on my first Android, and I'm amazed how can Gameloft staff improve every time their flagship racing game. Indeed, when the main flaw of Asphalt 7 was that it was too "Asphalt 6", this 8th edition can't even be blamed for that, because everything's been revamped, and if you missed fantasy tracks or any luxury brand or whatever, fret not, it's here. Asphalt 8 needs no further introduction. Gameloft has done it again, and you can enjoy that if your device can bear the 1.5 Gb download.

Graphics have nothing to envy to portable consoles, speed feeling is, well, just wow, and playability has been greatly enhanced so there are no misunderstandings regarding oncoming objects and vehicles. In addition, hold tight, you can now make acrobatic stunts while on the air, there's a damage system and there have been added a bunch of social features of which I'd like to highlight asynchronous races (on live multiplaying still available, of course) and race against your own ghost. Anyway, solo playing is awesome by itself through nearly two hundred so-called "events" and a ton of cars, upgrades and stuff to unlock. User Interface when in menus is a little bit too stuffed, but I'm sure nobody will be reading this review so far: download button is above.

Hands down, congratulations, Gameloft.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Aug 22, 2013

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