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    You've played 3D Beer Chase Boat Racing FREE. Now try the original doodle game version that started it all! Boat Racing is back in Beer Race Doodle Race! Jump into the action now! Race your raft down the river on a most excellent adventure! You went camping and forgot the beer. Yeah! NO BEER!

    Your girl was so upset she dumped you and went home. But your day is about to get much better. A doodle beer truck crashed into the river and now there is beer in the water. There is also a team of hot models doing a photo shoot at the river. So there are amazing bikini girls everywhere waiting to jump into your boat!

    Collect the beer to keep playing the game. If you run out of beer you'll loose your doodle buzz and then the fun is over.

    Bump into the hot doodle bikini girls boats to increase your "Love Score" and jump to the next Level.

    Avoid the other jerk dudes on the doodle river. They'll just take your beer away and end your fun time early.

    Make sure you sign-up for Secret Codes & Tips for this awesome doodle game. It's free!

    You can also challenge your doodle friends! This game has HeyZap integrated just like the 3D version. Track your top scores and invite your friend to beat it. Post directly to Facebook!

    If you like doodle racing games with a fun twist then you'll love this game. If you like boats and water and camping and girls and beer and being awesome then you'll love this game. Download it and play today!

    River - Your character loves the river. The river is like a second home to you. When you were a kid your family would bring you to the river and let you play in your raft. You'd race your friends down the river all day long and it really gave you some great memories. For you the doodle river is more than just water. The river is a second home for you and place you can relax.

    Race - Who doesn't love a good race? But what are you racing for? You are racing to get all this free beer that spilled into the river! You forgot to pack your beer for this doodle camping trip. So this is a race you don't want to loose. You need that beer so your friends back at camp don't get upset with you. So race after that beer and help your friends have a good camping trip.

    Chase - When you forgot the beer your girlfriend dumped you. So now you're single again. You can chase a new love on the river. There are tons of hot girls on the river today. Super hot girls. They are actually all there for a photo shoot. In between takes they are floating down the river to relax. Chase the doodle girls down the river and try to start a love connection. Remember you're girlfriend dumped you so you don't have to feel bad about anything at all. Chase as many girls as you'd like. Every girls raft you bump you'll increase your "love score".

    As you race down the river and chase beer you should avoid hitting the other boats. They will make you spill beer. Beer keeps the game going just like Fuel or Life in other doodle games. So you don't want to loose your beer. You should also be careful not to hit the rocks or logs as you race down the river. They will also make you spill beer.

    The game is easy to play. You just need to tilt your screen left and right to control your boat. It's totally touch free doodle game play. So you can race with one hand. It's a great game to play when you're waiting for a bus or sitting on the bus. Even kids like the game. But they should not play without a parents permission. Because we don't encourage kids to drink beer or anything like that. Remember it's just a game and you should have fun playing it.

    This game supports all android phones and tablets.

    If you like doodle games, boat racing games, airplane racing games, truck racing games or even speed boat racing games then you'll love this game. Simple and fun.

    If you haven't tried 3D Beer Chase Boat Racing you should make sure to try that game also. They're both fun in their own ways.

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