Circuit Racer2 3D Speed Racing



Don't miss the top speed fast action of Circuit Racer 2 Car Racing Drive 3D. F1 style in a beautiful unique racing track.

Rain or shine mode with 6 different camera views of your choice of color buggy, racing along with other artificial intelligence buggies for desired laps.

You can play in 3 different modes - Race and Chase with AI buggies, Countdown and Timer mode with custom choice of touch Steering, Stick or Motion control for wheel & throttle. Also, you can watch the racing track in Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2D map window. You can optionally turn off engine (SFX) or music sound.

Features include the camera button that allows you to change the inside and outside views including sky view and four more views while driving, car color selector, sound and music controls, accelerator, steering, breaking, and reverse throttle controls to give you full control of your driving and racing experience. Enjoy cloudy blue sky or drizzling scenic rainy day dynamically during game play by touching the sunny cloud icon. Also watch your speed in digital way.

Fast auto race and motor chase, but also educational, this is a high voltage grand prix style circuit car racing game and fun learning tool for both kids and teenagers. Drifting, Draging, Breaking, turning, learning optimal speed while avoiding sliding and spinning, or sharp, wide, or blind turning, learn the physics of driving and staying safe behind the wheel.

Formula1 style buggy sprint indie car racing - slot speedway race track - rain / day lap car racer.

With beautiful race track, curved and divided roads, and tunnel bridge, you're sure to want to take this baby for a spin and a half along with other buggies.

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